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Learning Garden

Verne A Duncan Elementary School builds an outdoor classroom/garden

For those of us with school aged kids we know more than ever what a big role our schools and community play in raising our children. This time of year is ripe with auction procurement and committee meetings by dedicated parents who want to improve their schools and the programs they offer. One such school that is gearing up for an April auction is Verne A Duncan Elementary in Happy Valley, OR. Through a partnership with Visual Impressions, this school benefits from photographic coverage of this ongoing project that their auction will further support.

Because we value our Community Visual Impressions strives to connect with schools and businesses around us. One way we go about doing this is by donating to our local school held auctions. While most auctions don’t happen until March or even April it is important to start thinking how to support your local schools now. Each auction item schools are able to procure, goes into either a silent auction or a live auction–for those oh so coveted items–for parents and community members to bid on. The hope for all of us is to get a good deal on an item but we must not forget that even more important is to remember that the function of this is to raise money for our schools. So you want a beach house for the weekend, you know what it is worth and don’t want to bid past that cap? Try another approach, think “donation” that comes with a pretty cool perk, this will get us all past the initial draw of “whats that worth” and a little closer to doing a great thing for our schools.

Visual Impressions makes it a point to donate to at least 3 local schools in our area of Portland Oregon, by doing so we are creating connections that will continue to support our schools for years to come. Our clients are our neighbors, friends, and sometimes even our family; it is important to remember this as the school we are supporting today might be the school our children attend tomorrow.

If you are interested in donating items to your local school auction please contact your schools PTA or secretary for the person in charge of procurement. I hope everyone enjoys a prosperous auction season and if you need a donation to your school, remember to contact your neighbor, Visual Impressions Photography.