Our Bunny Sessions are Back!

Bunny on white background
My daughters bunny Sing showing off our 2019 set design.

I cannot believe this is our 16th year of bunny goodness! I can tell you I remember every little face I photograph and every year I can’t help but reminisce over how big most of my clients have gotten (of course really I just refer to these little ones as my kids in my head). Some of them are now 16 and in their Junior year of high school.

What I look forward to every year (besides sharing in awe of the growth spurts) are the hugs and smiles I see every time a little girl or boy holds one of our bunnies. Each year we work exclusively with a professional breeder to get bunnies that have been well taken care of and acclimated to people so they are good with our kids. To better reduce the stress our little bunnies experience we often work with 8 different bunnies to make sure they are calm, happy, and ready for their close up.

This year our background encompasses a crisp clean spring feel. With white tones and florals, this set is perfect for bringing out the color and skin tones of each child.

To celebrate a new year and the first in our new studio space we are offering our bunny sessions for a whole week this year! April 1st – April 7th. 9-5p.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, & 12-8p.m. on Wednesday. We also want to offer an extra special value this year by making the sessions just $45 (good for up to 4 siblings) and if you mention our blog you will receive a complimentary digital file with a package purchase.

Little girl holding bunny on white backdrop.
This bunny is actually my daughters and his name is Xing (pronounced Ying)

To make scheduling easier this year, we have listed our sessions on Eventbrite. You can sign up for your preferred time Here. If you don’t see a time that works for you call me directly as they do go fast ~ 503-320-3076.

I can’t wait to see my returning friends and make many new ones. Feel free to reach out to me at the number above if you have any questions. To view our prices click here.

Winter BabyLove ~ Share your bump with us!


UPDATE: Due to the Snow in our area we are postponing this event until Feb 17th. Next Sunday 1-4 (open house style). I hope to see all our registered guests there and please call with any questions.

Next month on February 10th from 1-4P.M., we will be hosting our BabyLove event. If you are Pregnant and looking to be pampered, this event is for you! We invite you to pop into the studio for some relaxation, mocktails and of course a photograph of your beautiful bump! This special day of indulgence is complimentary, as we believe that every expectant mama deserves some pampering. We may even have some surprises in store! Our classic backround will create that timeless maternity image to share with family and friends! This event is always in high demand so arrive early to ensure you recieve a spot! We are only able to take a limited amount of expecting mamas during each event. Our BabyLove events are the perfect opportunity to visit our studio, meet our team and learn more about our newborn sessions! We can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful bump!

As a bonus each mom will receive a personalized onesie for their little bundle of joy. Simply be one of the first 10 moms to register for our event.

Whether you are 1 month in or 1 week over, we will be so glad to have you, so pop on in and reserve your ticket today.

Above you can see a sneak peak of our BabyLove backdrop! SO beautiful.

Spring has Sprung!


We are so excited as we prepare the studio for our Annual Bunny Sessions! What could be more fun than a Mini Portrait session with Live Bunnies!

Above you will see our 2018 set design along with our model Gracee. The bunnies have just been born, so we will not know what they look like until the actual event. It will be a surprise to all of us!

Here is What is new this year ~

~This will be the last Bunny session hosted at our SE Portland location, next year this event will be in our new Gresham Location.

~We are proud to be offering longer Mini Sessions for our special needs clients. We believe that not all children fit within a cookie cutter approach, and at Visual Impressions Photography we allow for your unique qualities to shine, be that an extra chromosome, a touch of awesome autism, or any other spark you bring to the table. Just let us know when booking your session that your little gem will need our “extended mini” and you’re all set! Please note that while we believe all children are special, these extended mini sessions will be reserved for our special needs clients.

~This year our set features real birch trees to bring a more realistic approach to your Birch Treesportraits. This is our best set yet and we cannot wait to feature your child in their own artistic portrait session.

~ This year we will be limiting our sessions to children only. This allows us to focus solely on your child/children, giving you the best portraits possible. Your session fee includes up to 3 siblings with the ability to add more children (immediate family only) for a nominal fee.

Suggestions on wardrobe ~

~We all want your children to look their best, so we are here to help you with your clothing choices. Since spring is full of color, we choose our set based on the ability to cater to many different color and design choices available. Try and avoid mixing different prints among siblings. If one child wears a sweet dress with print, have your other child wear a solid but fun color so they don’t compete with each other.

~Shoes, While shoes are so much fun to wear and accessorize with; please be aware that when photographing children 2 years and younger, shoes often show only the sole. With this in mind, we will photograph your child in a variety of poses, some of which may include removal of the shoes, so we can highlight those adorable toddler toes!

~Hats are adorable and absolutely fun to use in portraits. Please bring your child’s hat with you instead of having them wear it to the session. This allows us to capture your child without the hat (and hat hair) and then with the hat as well, giving you options.

Ages that work best with our mini Bunny Sessions ~

~While I believe you are only as old as you feel, these sessions work best for the ages 6mo. – 10yrs. This doesn’t mean you cannot schedule a session for your 13 year old, please do. We simply offer a range to help guide your decision process. Personally my children (now 12 and 10) still absolutely love these sessions and beg me to photograph them each year.

~Infants are fun to work with and we do provide a fun cracked egg shell for those unable to sit solo at the time of their session.

I look forward to this year of giggles, laughs, and bunnies. Your children feel like my children by the end of your session. Feel free to book your session here and view our investment information here.

How to plan for a Family Portrait Session


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If you’re anything like my family you probably have a million pictures of your children, tucked away, on your walls, in albums…everywhere. The surprise to most of us is that when we look around we realize it has been 2, 3, even 5 years since our last family portrait. Once we realize this it is then up to us to find, plan, and implement that task of a new family portrait session.

At Visual Impressions Photography it is my joy to help you through the planning process to the session and on to the design of your art pieces for your home. A few things are key to getting ready for your session and while my in person consultation will cover all these, I wanted to post the most helpful tips for planning for your next session here.
4A3A88201. A lot of people worry about what they’re going to wear to their portraits.  As you begin to mentally plan what you will wear to your session, look around your home, get a sense of your decorating style and color palette. Since your portraits will be highlighted on your walls you will want to wear a complimentary color that will compliment your space. Great color schemes included, colors from the same family but not necessarily the same shade, this gives the sense of cohesion important in a family portrait while also showcasing each family member’s individuality.

2. We all want our family portraits to look fabulous, even going to get a fresh haircut or color the day before the session. I recommend getting a new color no closer than a week to your session, this allows that you will still have that fresh new shine to your hair but will avoid any mistakes during the color process giving things time to “settle”. With haircuts, I recommend no closer than 3 days to the session as this gives you plenty of time to become accustomed to your new look and style.

4A3A95693. Any time we are planning a portrait session with small children we want to keep their schedule in mind. When are they at their best? Are they morning people or better in the later part of the day. Once you pinpoint this you can schedule your session accordingly to give your little ones the best chance for success.

4. Another point for small children is that they not be “coached”, by this I mean to avoid children who have been so prepared that they can’t relax and give a natural smile. Please tell the kids what the plan is but don’t mention smiles, the word “cheese”, or “please smile naturally”.  Most young children will give a natural look without any coaching. That being said, I should point out that I completely believe in “bribes”, I have a small stash of smarties in my studio that I will offer to young children that need a little coaxing. I always get approval from mom and dad before offering any treats and only have to use my stash 20% of the time.4A3A8532

These 4 pointers are suggestions meant to put you on the road to a great portrait experience. While they are helpful in any portrait situation I do want to stress how important a consultation is prior to your session, this is where I will go over our plan one-on-one and we will nail down your expectations and goals and build the session around your desires and style.


Baby bunnies, little hands and big hearts.


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Bunnies from our 2012 session.

Bunnies!  How much would your kids love to play with baby bunnies? Just imagine how precious the photos of their joy and excitement would be.

A lot of studios give you stuffed animals, but at Visual Impressions, we have baby bunnies for spring photos.  The difference you see in the joy, enthusiasm and tenderness in your children’s photos is tremendous.  Children are mesmerized and they forget the camera is even there.  That’s how I get the best photos!

I can’t believe it is closing in on spring already. These are my very favorite mini sessions and they’re just around the corner.

Spring Event, bunny, easter

2014 session

This year we have 7 bunnies coming to join us from a local breeder in Salem, OR. These bunnies are handled with care from a very young age and come to us ready to play! As our mini sessions take off our bunnies are expected to be about 2-3 lbs each, tiny precious bundles matched only by our own precious little children for cuteness.

Every year we choose a custom background that enhances the experience and creates a unique and special experience for our young clients. The sessions this season will begin March 14th and go through March 20th, they usually fill up fast so please contact us soon to reserve your spot!


2014 session

The session fee is –per family ~ For complete pricing and package information click here.

Or for your convenience you can fill out the form below and we will contact you!

Personal, Authentic, Fun!


Personal, Authentic, Fun ~ These three words say it all.

As the sole photographer for Visual Impressions Photography it is important to me that my clients have a great experience when having their portraits done. I want to make sure that we connect on a personal level so your images shine. As my client you can expect more from me than a product, you can expect personal investment and friendship.

The experience you gain at Visual Impressions Photography will be Authentic and Fun as well. I take pride in creating a space my clients can be comfortable in and that will be fun and relaxing for each person that walks through my doors. Your images will radiate the fun we have in the studio.  Whether I am rolling on the floor with a toddler trying to get that smile, or working with a newborn, the process from start to finish is a fun experience for all involved.

Authentic is probably the most important descriptor for my work. I am original, genuine and real and I want your time with me to reflect that. You may not know what you want when you meet with me; not every client comes in with a clear vision of what they’re looking for.  I will help you discern your expectations, and you will get the photos you never knew you always wanted.  In the process,  you will experience real joy, real emotion, and real friendship. Your images will be one of a kind and authentic to who you are.

If you want a true photographic experience that is Personal, Authentic, and Fun; I have you covered and we will have a great time creating images together.


The time is right for newborn photos


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Newborn Photo

Newborn Photo by Visual Impressions Photography

As a mom, I remember the first week home with my new baby being busy, exhausting and full of so much joy I couldn’t contain it.  We will never get these precious first few weeks back, and as busy as this time is, it is the perfect time to schedule a newborn portrait session.

It is amazing how fast those first weeks go by. Even after just two weeks your baby will be so alert and much stronger as they move out of the “newborn” stage and firmly slide into “plump” baby life. You will want to remember this precious time when your daughter or son is so tiny and adorably new.  The best way to hold onto these moments is through photographs.  Trust me, I’ve been there:  “mommy-brain” is real and you will not remember everything!

The best way to make this happen is to book with me before your baby is born. That way we can talk about exactly what you’re looking for and we can settle all the details before fatigue sets in.  Then, after your baby arrives, all you have to do is give me a call and we can schedule a session.  I can even come to your house to take photos!

If you’re pregnant, or know someone who is, give me a call today to talk about newborn photographs.

When to Schedule Professional Portraits


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There are so many opportunities to take professional portraits, and some of my favorite are the non-traditional times.  Many people limit this services to yearly highlights, but there are so many more times a year that make for good portrait sessions.

Some typical life events to hire a professional that we all know are:

  • weddings
  • newborns
  • high school seniors
  • annual family portraits
  • birthdays

While these are the most common reasons to commission professional portraits they are not the only reasons.

We have clients come into the studio for many reasons and some of my favorites may surprise you.  Once I photographed a 12-year-old girl and her new pug to celebrate his arrival in the family.  Puppy Love

Bringing pets along for a portrait session, or building a session around a furry friend is a great way to celebrate their role in our lives. Our pets are part of the family and often make family portrait feel complete.



We love to create custom thank you cards and our clients do too. By creating a portrait session following an event –birthdays, weddings, etc.– you benefit from custom images you will get to enjoy for a lifetime as well as a unique way to thank your guests for their attendance. This sweet little girl just celebrated a birthday and wanted a special way to say thank you to her friends and family for sharing in the celebration.

Thank you







Any event in life is worth photographing.  If you want a to capture a time in your life to treasure forever, that is the perfect time to call in a professional.  Whether it’s for newborn portraits or lifestyle pictures the end result will be memories you will never forget and the freedom to enjoy your life while a professional handles the details.


2nd Annual Santa Charity Event


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I LOVE the Christmas season and all it stands for; giving, love, family, togetherness, I could keep going but you get the idea. One of the ways we like to celebrate our Christmas holiday at Visual Impressions Photography is by inviting Santa into our studio and offering private mini sessions with Santa.

We capture beautiful images of your child with the Jolly Ole Elf without the lines, noise, and pressure found in malls. Our Santa is the real deal and cares about each child, asking great questions and engaging with them on their level.  These special photos become holiday treasures for many of my repeat clients!

The best part about our Santa Charity event is that $25 from each session goes to benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital – a great way to purchase portraits you want while supporting children and their families during this holiday season.

Our event this year runs from November 30- December 8th. These special sessions with Santa always fill fast so please contact us today to reserve your spot and give your children a memory of a lifetime. If you want pictures and are not sure how your little one will do with Santa, we understand and are offering portraits on our custom backdrop without Santa on December 1st. so you can still join in the fun!

For our complete list of packages she our limited edition price list.

It’s time for Christmas!


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Book your Christmas photo session with Visual Impressions Photography today!

Book your Christmas photo session with Visual Impressions Photography today!

You have 66 days until Christmas.  Are you the kind of person who takes that as a challenge or are you terror-filled into immobility?  Around the studio, we’re getting ready for Christmas pictures and 66 days does not feel like a lot of time!

If you are planning to give family photos as Christmas presents this year, you still have time.  But the process does take a bit of planning:  scheduling photo shoot, editing the pictures taken, choosing your photos, ordering them and then waiting for them to come in.  It’s not a last-minute process.  Gifts worth a life-time are worth planning and preparation!

I still have time in my schedule for photos that you will get back in time for Christmas, but don’t wait.  The window of opportunity is closing.

Get in touch at info@visualimpressions.org or (503) 320-3076 to book your session today!