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So I weighed myself this evening so I would have a starting point for my weight loss and much to my distress I top out at 198 lb.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am 5’5″ and a little more, so I should not weigh that much.

My husband brought home a scale for me to use and before I used it he weighed himself. Get this, my 6’3″ husband weighs in at. . . . . 191 lb. yes you read that right I weigh more than my husband.

So I have found more motivation, to be healthy, to get fit, and to weigh less than my husband.

I am also going to post my starting measurements now, so please have some compassion.

I am startled and surprised to find that my waist measurement is 40.5″ and my bust (in a tank with built in bra) measures at an alarming 43″.  Although the bust does not alarm me as much (I just weaned my son from Breast Feeding so expected a large number) I am very surprised at the overall size I have achieved. This will serve as further motivation for change.