This is the second in my series of blog posts co-written with my subjects.  My recent subject was Madeline, a senior at Clackamas High School.

Recently I had the privilege of photographing Madeline.  When she called

our studio to set up her senior portraits, I could tell right away that she was sweet with a little shy mixed in.

We talked for a while as I tried to get a feel of what Madeline was looking for in her senior portraits.  I suggested we meet in downtown Portland at the waterfront.

Madeline’s perspective

I had a phenomenal experience with Visual impressions Photography. I’m pretty

Senior photos from Visual Impressions Photography

Madeleine photographed by Visual Impressions Photography

shy, so I was nervous about getting my senior pictures taken. But Amanda made me feel totally comfortable and the pictures turned out great.

Melissa, Madeline’s mother

Our experience with Visual Impressions photography exceeded our expectations. When we talked to Amanda, she had great ideas for where the pictures could be taken. One of her suggestions was the downtown waterfront. It was an ideal location because she was able to take pictures by the bridges, in the grass, by the river, by Saturday market, and by the trees.


When I met Madeline for the first time I was struck by how quiet she was. The fun part of my job beyond photography is to get to know my clients and draw out that sparkle that might be hiding behind a shy exterior.

Madeline had her mom and sister with her and it was nice to meet her family.

As the session moved on I was so excited for the images we were getting and also for how Madeline was warming up. She is such an interesting person. She has a passion for reading and shares her enthusiasm with you as she talks about one of her favorite authors.

At the end of our session I was very excited to have Madeline and her family back to the studio to view her images.


I really think [the photos will] stand out in the yearbook. She helped me choose a location (Downtown Portland) and she had some ideas for poses, which was incredibly helpful. Plus, she took care of sending in my senior pictures to my school directly, taking the hassle out of yearbook photo submissions.


Amanda made us feel comfortable and we had so many awesome pictures to choose from afterwards. Amanda could send the yearbook pictures directly to the school, saving us time and worry. The overall experience was wonderful.


In the end Madeline fell in love with my personal favorite image, the one that shows that sparkle in her beautiful eyes while picking up the green hues of the Portland summer grass.

She will definitely stand out in her Yearbook Photo.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer Madeline, and good luck as you make your mark on the world.