It is always so exciting to begin a new year. I am filled with new hopes for the days to come. We have an empty canvas to fill. I would like to encourage everyone in the new year to capture the little moments. Slip that digital camera in your purse as you go to the grocery store, or to the gym. Some of the most memorable and silly photographs I have of my kids are from these unexpected moments. I would also encourage mom’s to look through old photographs. Take this challenge as you look through your last year’s photographs.
Count how many of your digital files you actually printed.
How many photographs are you in? (it does not count if someone managed to sneak you in a photograph while you weren’t looking).
What is the longest gap between one photograph and the next?
These are the questions we need to ask ourselves because these are the important and hard truths that we overlook.
If you have all of your photographs on your computer but haven’t printed any, take a moment to print up at least 20. This will help you appreciate the changes in your life and remember those fun times.
If you aren’t in at least half of the photographs, ask yourself why?
Is it because you are the one taking the pictures all of the time? Do you hate your photograph taken? Well make yourself a promise, let someone else take the photographs at the next family event or outing. Then when you have a free moment look at those photographs and appreciate the unique prospective these offer you. You get to see yourself and how you fit and interact with your family.
And Lastly, make a note of how long you go without taking photographs. Has it been 6 days? 6 month? 6 years? The reason it is important to take photographs is so we can pass down these memories to our children or on to other family.
I would like to challenge families everywhere to also make at least 1 professional portrait appointment a year. This will enable you to get that one great portrait at least once a year that you know will be printed and be wonderful gracing your wall for years to come.
Happy New Year everyone.