Every year we have our annual bunny portraits and bring in real rabbits to the studio.   Our experience is that children naturally respond to live animals and we are able to create a special time in their lives while capturing a piece of art the parents are going to treasure for years to come.

Some concerns about having children close to a live bunny have come up over the years from parents and grandparents, so I will try and address those concerns here.

We work very closely with the rabbit breeders that supply us our bunnies, working only with breeders who handle their bunnies and socialize their bunnies on a daily basis.

We have our very own “Bunny Wranglers” at the studio during our Bunny Portraits ensuring that no parents or children need to handle the bunnies.  We will place the children into our photographic set and will then determine whether the child/parents are able or willing to have the rabbits placed on their lap or whether it is more appropriate for the rabbit to be placed in a nearby basket.  When working with infants we have special props to ensure the safety of the infant and will place the rabbits in such a way that the infant will be in the photograph with a rabbit but not in danger in any way.

“Why Baby Rabbits”  We use baby rabbits because a rabbit’s natural instinct when threatened is to Freeze.  An adult rabbit is often comfortable enough around our studio to hop away at an inopportune moment.  When using babies, we find they will remain where we place them until the shot is taken at which time we will then pick them up and place them back into their cage.

The bunnies we use in our studio are often adopted or purchased later by clients as pets for the children. We truly enjoy being able to offer this unique photographic opportunity to our clients while maintaining a safe environment for both the rabbits and the children.

Feel free to contact me with further question or concerns 503-320-3076

Bunny portraits are still scheduled for March 26, 27, and 28th.

Openings are limited so please call for your appointment today.