A break from the Monday through Friday Schedule.  Although if you are like many people your daily lives don’t alter course for this yearly event.  I hope to encourage you as individuals to strive for some quiet quality time with your family this week.

I find myself making plans for projects left undone throughout the year that seem manageable during spring break.  I am forcing myself to remember that this is a great opportunity for my family to take a break and get away.  My husband teaches at a local college so leaving for the week is an option for us if we so choose.

So as a parent, business owner, wife, and all around busy woman (who isn’t 🙂 ) I challenge us all to take a break, relax and save out 2 days at the very minimum for ourselves before plunging into that project that needs doing.  Enjoy the sun, read a book, take a nap.  These are all things on my list that don’t get the attention they deserve on a regular basis.

So have a happy and safe spring break and check back often as we will have more tips for your family to capture some great spring break memories.