As the weather gets nicer I feel the pull to remain outdoors with my family and enjoy the sun as much as possible. For those of you who are interested in photographing your children on these rare but sunny days, keep this in mind. Shade is better. When photographing on a sunny day it is hard to compensate for the harsh light with a point and shoot camera, so instead we are going to do little things to better our family photographs without a lot of work.
1) when out on a sunny day position your child with the sun slightly behind and to the side of their face, this will help to eliminate squinting as well as the dark shadows under the eyes.
2) Try to avoid shooting directly into the sun as this will cause lens flare.
3) Any time it is possible position your children in the shade before taking their photograph as this will help eliminate both issues discussed above.
4) HAVE FUN and remember to get yourself in those photographs as well!